Network Installation, Organization, and Security
At Amalgam we have extensive experience in computer networking: Internal LAN management, Internet gateways, firewalls, WAN, VPN, etc... We have the expertise necessary to establish and maintain your networks in the most efficient and secure manner possible.
System Administration
We have knowledge and experience administrating the following operating systems:
MS Windows and Linux Integration
In todays networks flexiblity and reliabilty are key. At Amalgam we can intergrate Linux servers seemlessly into your existing Windows network for increased reliability, performance and reduced total cost of ownership. Linux can significantly reduce your software costs by assuming many roles in your network, in particluar mail, print, file, and www servers.
Web Hosting/Support
We provide hosting services for static html pages. We may provide hosting for dynamic pages depending on the application. Please contact us for pricing and availability.
Software Development ( client-server, WWW )
Sometimes corporate business needs cannot be fulfilled with generic, shrink-wrapped software. A custom solution may be required. We have diverse experience in developing custom software solutions incorporating many different technologies (e.g. Perl, Java, C, HTML/Javascript).

If you are interested in any of our services or have questions regarding rates and pricing please contact us.

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